The next project is called ways of seeing. The tutor asked us to take 34 photoes about the 34 things shown on the brief. To be honest, i am lazy, i didn't think about the what kind of journey i want, so i took some photoes when i was going out with my friends. 

I did some researches about the LEANE SHAUN, which is an award winning luxury jewellery designers.  I really like his design because most of them are simple but delicate and modern. I like simple design and i also like cool stuffs. He really good at using the materials in the right way and make the works delicate, but not too much. One of my favourite works of him is the idea of interlocking engagement rings and bridal adornments, which will make the rings unique and meaningful. it’s genius, i love product or jewellery with emotional things or meaning in it. 

I also did some researches about some designers like mason martin marginal, some of his jewellery design i like but some of them not attracted me as much as LEANE SHAUN’s. His works also very simple, but maybe lack of something attracted me.

About Stella McCartney, i also like her design. i remember one is a kind of tote bag can be folded and become another smaller one, which is quite fun and useful.


 I found out i had a huge problem that i should read the brief clearly before the new project started. I thought this journey more like inspired us some ideas, but actually i was thinking too complicated.  it is more like showing what your seeing and feeling during the journey by designing a piece of jewellery or accessory. 

 When i saw my friend carrying a lot of bag, the plastic bag will hurt her hands, so my first idea is a bag i design to solve this problems. After i talked about it with my tutor, she said i was misunderstanding the brief, they just need you saw something and then design something related to them. My idea is good, but not relate to the brief topic, i was thinking more like a product design way— solving problem. 

During the whole class, i was lost. After i went back home, thinking of several ideas and read the brief again. Following the brief is really important. I learned something really useful from this project. Sometimes we should observe our lives and then design something. That is design and more valuable.


I talked about my several ideas i just thought yesterday night with tutors, i got two choices. One is bag , another is headwear.  I gave up the idea i really like before. It was right to give up some ideas sometimes because they didn’t meet the requirement, even you really like them. 

 I chose to do the headwear one, which i draw it on my sketchbook. it reference “something broken” on my journey. It is for decoration. I did the first model this morning and it was really rough. This was the first time i used the metal workshop, the first model just for testing the material and trying to get used to the machine.  I did another one more detailed in the afternoon, i didn't finish yet, still need to polish its surface, it is too hurt.   After i put it on the head, i found out there was a problem that i need to think about a way to make it stand on the head, not easily falling down. 

 My drawing didn't show the scale, materiality of this idea clearly, i need to improve that. I wanted to use the mirror paper to cover some part of the model, but i am still thinking about it. 


I was waiting for finishing the model tomorrow in the workshop. T he problem i got yesterday was how to make the headwear stand on the head. I did some research and found out some works from a japan designer. Although those works were for the ear, but she use a very clever also really simple idea to hold it on the both side of the head. She made these works wore like hair clasp( i am not sure the name) on her head, then they can be lifted on the both side of her head. 

 Also, i saw some pictures about the Alexender Mcqueen’s autumn collection 2011, the model all wore tight, metal headwear which looked like helmet. When i saw my second model, i was thinking about maybe i can let it wear around the ear or make it look like a pair of glasses also could be a necklace.

found a way to solve my problem
use the little one to balance it


    1. Because my first idea was not related to the brief, i thought severals ideas and then i chose this one referenced from the “something broken”i think i used my 34 references in my project not very well, i didn't read the brief carefully before i took picture when i was in my journey, so i didn't have a lot of inspiring pictures.  That's a really important thing i should never forget.I chose the metal strip to make my models, i used the machine in the workshop and some tools to use it. Sometimes this material still a little bit hard to bend it to some angles, but it became easier after using the machine. 

  1. When i had little problems to solve, i did more research and then solve this problem. For example, i was thinking about how to put my works overhead and hold it on the head. After i did some researches, i saw the works of a Japanese designer, i found out i can make a hair clasp to hold my works on my head. If i can do this research again, i will choose a better journey and take more detailed photos and sketch more. I also wanna test more kinds of materials to make the model. After i finishing my first model, i was inspired by the shape of the model, i thought maybe i can develop it into a series of design, for example, it can also be glasses, ear accessory or necklace. 
I think I need to record everything like the development of ideas at every stage at next project, i always forget to record details when i was making things. And also i didn't really know why i chose this idea, maybe because i chose this idea too fast and curtness. But this one related to the brief. 


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