Nora Fok

Nora Fok is an artist who expresses her ideas in a personal and distinctive way. She has a unique ability to translate ideas into delightful delicate and intricate compositions which one immediately associates with her. Nora works at home in Hove,on the sunny south east coast of England, she uses no mechanical equipment, all her work is carried out by hand processes, with only basic tools. She is intrigued by the world around her; she also asks questions and tries to find answers to them. She is fascinated by different aspects of nature, structure, systems and order, and the mysteries and magic which she sets out to capture in her work. They are often quite complicated requiring many hours, days or weeks to produce and she has the necessary dedication to see her ideas through. She likes to draw attention to the very ordinary to make something special by presenting it in her own way. Her approach is not scientific; she combines her discoveries intuitively with her personal technical skills to produce her unique pieces.

Biston betularia 2000 earrings

Pure white moths with gold dust

neck piece

She gained better understanding of the structure of the stamens of peony after dissecting two varieties of the plant. When she drew a small section in her notebook it became units of spirals, circles and dots.

Armadillo 2007 hood/ neck piece

Inspired by the Clyde Auditorium, so called the Armadillo in Glasgow; She scaled own the zig zag roof into a wearable hood/ neck piece. When worn it is a piece of jewellery or it can be converted into a private concert hall for listening to music.

The spirit of aqualegia 2004 wrist piece

The way she have woven it shows the marve pink bell shaped petals standing.

Blackberries 2003 earrings

A very common hedgerow soft fruit, interpreted into a fun piece of body decoration.

Blue pollen 2008 earrings

the beauty of the tiny pollen grains


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